Why Bodakids?

Human Team

In Bodakids are convinced that success in wedding photography 80% depends on the creative and artistic perspective of the photographers / Videographer, and here is where Bodakids differ, but we do not forget the technical formation that allows us the optimal development of the job. Bodakids is composed of two professional photographers, not outsourcing photographers /Videographer for weddings.

Technical Equipments

Our latest equipment “Full Frame” 2015, who collaborate decisively in the final to capture the necessary luminosity in all environments, so it is difficult to see us work with flashes that kill natural light, breaking the natural charm of each moment. Bodakids teams continually renewed their equipments to offer its customers the best optics on the market.


Every one of our albums are completely customized, no templates, no outsource its layout, done by our team in our photo studio. All photographs submitted by Bodakids follow a rigorous process that improves and enhances digitally every picture, pictures are performed by professionals with extensive experience in professional softwares.

Quality / Price

Because contract a international photographer or videographers with contemporary and creative style is not an additional cost, we maintain competitive prices in our photo and video wedding packages.


  Wedding Awards 2015



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