Gay Wedding video

Gay and Lesbian Weddings - Marbella

Mohamed and Matthew chose spain because they both just love this country. Their entire wedding day took place at Fain Viejo in Arcos de la frontera, an amazing cortijo in a beautiful village.

We ask the couple if they thought a wedding video of a same-sex couple it should be the same as an opposite-sex couple.

We all agreed that it cannot be said that the process of creating beautiful wedding video or images of same-sex couples is the same as the process for video or photographing straight couples. Traditional wedding video or photography relies on some basic assumptions built around a white gown and a tux (or dark suit), masculine and feminine gender roles, and expectations of the physical differences between a man and a woman. After many gay weddings video and photography we are convince the right approach it is through an informal, friendly and fun way. But also this is our general style not just for gay wedding photography and same-sex marriage we always try to take a creative reportage documentary style.

Creatively documenting your wedding day, we try to capture the unguarded emotions, the precious moments, the happy tears and the laughter of your big day.

We have been fortunate to photograph and produce wedding video of several same-sex weddings over the years – including a gay wedding destination. Some of our same-sex couples have had legal ceremonies, others have had civil ceremonies or they have simply married one another on their own way. Anytime real love manifests itself in two people, we are honored to be the ones chosen to show the world what that looks like as gay wedding video and photography specialist.



To document a gay wedding it is always pleasure for bodakids team. We offer a professional service to both brides and grooms, tailored to meet the needs of lesbian and gay men couples when registering their love for one another in gay marriage.

Just contact us for more information It would be an honour and privilege to tell with images in a creative way your gay wedding story.

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