El Huertecillo

A romantic, stylish and rustic wedding venue in Arriate

With no doubt El Huertecillo is a perfect venue for a romantic, stylish and rustic wedding in Malaga.

Located in Arriate at 7 km from Ronda, 65 km from Marbella or 95 km from Malaga airport, this beautiful village has a beautiful environment such as white houses, orchards and mills that are on both sides of the river.

El Huertecillo is a beauty wedding venue Located in the countryside, a rustic Villa, If you are looking for a stylish finca, villa, or a cortijo, El Huertecillo in Arriate is the perfect place to enjoy your wedding.

For your guest It has five individual rural houses, fully equipped, located inside a cave, next to the Arroyo and in the heart of the town, surrunded of lush vegetation, majestic trees (walnuts, lime trees, poplars, elms, etc.), birds, owls and other native species of the gallery forest of Arroyo de la Ventilla (declared Andalusian point of interest).

The houses of El Huertecillo have been rehabilitated respecting and recovering their cultural historical heritage, to respect a appearance of original houses but with the comforts of today. 

Arrriate village has a wonderful setting and an interesting story, of which there are still remnants, like the houses, orchards, mills and in the grotto on both sides of the river and a beauty church, The church of  San Juan de Letrán of Arriate. 

Fina el Huertecillo is a luxury place, for pure relaxation and well-being, with fresh air and you can smell the mountains, wood, sand and greenery, a perfect place for a wedding, as wedding photographer and wedding videographer we love this kinds of fincas surrunded of natured.

 They have also a catering service, which can be hired according to the needs of your wedding. It also has a bar, an extensive recreative area for children and several areas where different craft workshops can be held.

We want to thank the couple who trusted Bodakids (Nelly & Andres) as their wedding photographers and wedding videographers from the beginning. A charming couple with origins in the village but born and raised in France.


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