Bodakids as professional wedding photographer we works with several wedding planner in Marbella and Nerja but we donot work as wedding planner although we would always be happy to provide our references and a free consultation for any couple who would like to contact us, as professional in this sector we will work with you as much or as little as you need.

Each year we photography more and more couples who are leaving England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and others Europe country to marry Spain, as Costa del Sol guarantees good weather, great value for money and a stress free day for all involved beyond any expectations or comparison. We work with english speaker couples from 2006 and we have seen as every year the couple has more services at a higher quality.

As a location for a wedding, Marbella or Nerja is perfect. It can offer everything a typical holiday resort can, but its certainly unique. Both were originally a small Spanish fishing village but are now a compact town with something for everyone.
As photographer we are available to help couples all they need but we also recommend a good wedding planners as they are not a expensive luxury, they normmally are affordable and in a foreign country they are a huge help.

Bodakids donot works with all wedding planners in costa del sol, but if you want us as your wedding photographer or videographer we will contact with your wedding planner to coordinate with them your photography or video at same price.