Anna & Joe – Fain Viejo – Arcos de la Frontera Wedding photography and Video.

Bodakids Wedding Photographers – Arcos de la Frontera

Fain Viejo – Arcos de la Frontera Wedding photography

We love to travel for a wedding, set in the historic region of Arcos de la frontera we found a magnific farmhouse ideal for a wedding, Fain Viejo.

Fain Viejo it is a stunning place for a wedding photographer it has many photogenic features, the whole Hacienda, its extensive olive groves and gardens full of frutal tres.

The hacienda Fain Viejo maintains its original charm character and fresh spring water from the still functioning well. Over the centuries, Faín Viejo has undergone many changes, from being a monastery to a Jesuit residence (More than 500 years ago it was a religious residence) a prison during the Napoleonic invasion or an olive grove belonging to the family that inhabits it today.

The current owners, have carried out an important restoration in the last few years, turning this place into a beautiful country house, a perfect venue for a wedding a place where a wedding Photographers dreams to go.

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